The omnidirectional treadmill.

TURKANA is an omnidirectional treadmill that makes possible to walk naturally in virtual environments using only your body. It is a platform on which the user can walk naturally in any direction.

An omnidirectional treadmill device of these characteristics will be an essential component when entering spaces with Virtual Reality Glasses.

Moving your legs is an essential component of any realistic virtual reality experience.

Make virtual reality real

An industrial solution for all companies

Nomada´s omnimotion treadmill is ready to take you into virtual reality worlds and situations to save money and time in all the applications you can imagine


virtual reality


No motion sickness

Say goodbye to motion sickness caused by the brain’s confusion of moving without moving

Truly walk in VR

Walk naturally in any direction

Up to 5 km/h

The sensors allow you to move at a quick speed

Very quiet

Does not exceed 40 dB